Horan Sounds is a live music production and booking agency based in Paris, working on traditional music projects from Central Asia, Near Eastern countries and Iran.

Initiated by the Horan Sounds associationPersian Music Heritage is a project that reflects the desire of two of its co-founders (of Iranian origin) to support musical artists based in Iran (or in other countries of the Iranian world), by accompanying them and helping them to meet new audiences outside Iran, in order to have new perspectives for the development of their projects.

We see an integral part of our work to be tour booking and producing projects in music festivals or other kind of event, but an other important part of our mission is also to advise music festivals and event organisers on how to access the music market in Iran more easily, and to help them with artistic, organisational and logistical matters.

Looking for original music projects, we provide them since 2018 with professional support to facilitate their development process and offer them distribution opportunities in other countries.

We believe that musical traditions can change and be preserved at the same time. That is what keeps traditions alive.

Selection process

As the project is open to all artistic proposals in the field of music, it closely monitors and supports certain artists who meet the criteria set by a committee of experts. Our most important criteria to select projects are originality, smartness and honesty in the way they interpret any of the repertoires related to the Persian musical heritage. Projects are selected by a supervisory committee of specialised musicians, event organisers and ethnomusicologists. The list of projects supported is open and constantly updated. We seek to be in permanent relation with the bands, follow creative process of their work and take part in their professional evolution.

PMH team

PMH partners

Expert committee

Janet Lim, ex-UNHCR assistant high commissionnaire, Singapore
Jean During, emeritus director of research at CNRS, France
Georges Goormaghtigh, ex-UNIGE Professor, Switzerland
Nancy Rieben, HEM Professor, Switzerland

they helped us

Amin Nouri
Jean During
Seyed Mohammad Mousavi
Saber Nazargahi
Arash Mohafez
Melika Shafahi
Mahmood S. Zargar


Image and direction : Maryam Goormaghtigh
Sound : Marc Siffert & Ehsan Abedi
Photo : Hossein Rad & Ehsan Abedi
Editing : Hossein Rad & Maryam Goormaghtigh
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